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L’équipe LocWorks est heureuse d’annoncer la sortie des paquets de localisation français, italien, allemand, espagnol, polonais et russe pour la version finale de la modification MINERVA: Metastasis. Les joueurs non-anglophones pourront enfin découvrir pleinement l’histoire troublante de MINERVA et de son agent, ex-soldat du Cartel, lors de leur périple dans les profondeurs de l’île mystérieuse baignée par les eaux de la Baltique.

Téléchargement de la modification et des paquets de localisation

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The members and friends of the LocWorks team are delighted to see Adam Foster’s MINERVA: Metastasis, a single-player modification for Half-Life 2: Episode 1, becoming fully accessible to a wide audience of international gamers. French, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish and Italian gamers are now be able to discover in their native languages what the mysterious handler, calling herself MINERVA, wants them exactly to do on the tiny island surrounded by the leech-infested waters of the Baltic Sea.

Download the modification and the language packs

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Download and play the modification now

The full installer for the English and the Russian version of the Paranoia Half-Life 1 modification is available on LocMirror. We sincerely hope that the mod will be an enjoyable experience for all players looking for a story based far away from the well-trodden paths of Black Mesa and Xen.

You will also find on the server the Paranoia toolkit, which should help you build your own levels or simply check out the cool ideas and concepts introduced by Mikhail and his team.

Our contribution

The LocWorks team provided the Russian-English translation of both in-game and collateral texts and performed in-depth linguistic testing of the 8000+ words of dialogues and notes. We also took part in the big bug hunt of the beta version.


The Half-Life 1 single-player modification PARANOIA was one of the ten modifications which made it on the MODDB Editors’ Choice 2007 list. Modesty aside, the LocWorks team would like to believe that the localization into English of the Russian modification gave English-speaking players around the world the chance to fully enjoy the story and contributed to the mod’s popularity.

Read the full story on Mod DB:
Editors’ Choice – Winners’ Showcase

More information

Read about Mikhail “Buzzer” Kadikov and the HLP team, the creators of Paranoia, on the Paranoia web site.
Read about Locworks on the LocWorks team Web site.


Read a review on MODMATIC.

Download locations

  Paranoia - English/Russian Installer (187.9 MiB, 5,661 hits)

  Paranoia - Toolkit (2.0 MiB, 2,860 hits)

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