MINERVA: Metastasis – Language Packs Released

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The members and friends of the LocWorks team are delighted to see Adam Foster’s MINERVA: Metastasis, a single-player modification for Half-Life 2: Episode 1, becoming fully accessible to a wide audience of international gamers. French, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish and Italian gamers are now be able to discover in their native languages what the mysterious handler, calling herself MINERVA, wants them exactly to do on the tiny island surrounded by the leech-infested waters of the Baltic Sea.

Download the modification and the language packs

The mod’s English installer is now available for downloading on Adam Foster’s site:

The language packs are available at the following locations:

MINERVA Website (direct downloads)


  MINERVA: Metastasis - French Language Pack (68.8 KiB, 933 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - German Language Pack (85.5 KiB, 890 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - Italian Language Pack (83.7 KiB, 927 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - Polish Language Pack (92.6 KiB, 930 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - Russian Language Pack (67.9 KiB, 915 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - Spanish Language Pack (83.8 KiB, 858 hits)

Installation instructions (readme files)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - French Readme (5.2 KiB, 1,575 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - German Readme (4.8 KiB, 2,011 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - Spanish Readme (4.8 KiB, 1,999 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - Italian Readme (4.7 KiB, 984 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - Polish Readme (5.1 KiB, 1,647 hits)

  MINERVA: Metastasis - Russian Readme (6.7 KiB, 1,897 hits)

Our contribution

We created the language packs.

More information

Read about MINERVA: Metastasis on the the mod’s Web site and on Adam Foster’s development blog.
Read about LocWorks on the LocWorks team Web site.

Welcome to the Island...

Welcome to the Island...

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