Ravenholm – Half-Life 2 modification – English installer and language packs

Download and play the modification now

The full installer for the English version of the Ravenholm Half-Life 2 modification is now on LocMirror.
The language packs are also available for download from our server.

Our contribution

The LocWorks team was happy to to provide the French, German, Russian and Spanish localization of the modification.

More information

Read about the Lord games team, the creators of the Ravenholm modification, on the Ravenholm Web site.
Read about Locworks on the LocWorks team Web site.

Download locations

  Ravenholm - Spanish Language Pack (106.9 KiB, 714 hits)

  Ravenholm - French Language Pack (108.6 KiB, 717 hits)

  Ravenholm - German Language Pack (107.3 KiB, 736 hits)

  Ravenholm - Russian Language Pack (110.3 KiB, 759 hits)

  Ravenholm - English Installer (69.2 MiB, 1,135 hits)

Help and walkthroughs

If you are stuck in Ravenholm, check out Mark Snow’s excellent site at http://hotkey.net.au/~snows/index.html

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